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Pick a number. Let’s make it a big one. Say, a million. Okay, you can spend a million dollars on the world’s best source components, amplifiers, speakers— you name it. But no matter what you spend or how good the components are, they can only sound as good as the cables connecting them. Buy great components and connect them with average cables and you’re destined to have average sound.

Conversely, if you buy average components and connect them with great cable, you’re destined to have average sound as well. In the final analysis, your sound quality will always be limited by the weakest link in your audio system. More often than not, that weak link is the cable.

Why Should that be?
Well, consider your audio system for a moment. You selected your components carefully, right? Whether you own EMM Labs gear or not, chances are that you chose equipment made by dedicated professionals who know their craft and who employed solid Solid Engineering vs Empty Promisesengineering principles in their design and manufacture.    

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