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Solid Engineering vs. Empty Promises

EngineeringSure, we all have our technology and topology preferences, but the fact of the matter is there’s a lot of good equipment out there. Take a look at the audio equipment universe and you see solid engineering in abundance. Take a look at the cable universe, however, and you see something else entirely.

Wild claims that when measured against the yardstick of common sense, come up short. Weird science that’s unquestionably weird but hardly science. Wishful thinking. And guesswork galore.

We can almost hear some of these guys saying:

Don’t get us wrong, there are some very smart people in the cable industry making some very good products.  But more often than not, the products we’re seeing and hearing are the result of serendipity rather than science. Trial and error rather than research and development.

Random experimentation, of course, tends to produce random results. Consequently, a lot of the cables on the market today are a mixed bag of sonic attributes. An amalgam, if you will, of strengths and weaknesses. One cable may have an impressively deep and powerful low end only to be let down by an obvious brightness in the treble regions.  Another may be able to reproduce three-dimensional soundstages only to have the images within them sound vague and phasey.

Hook up cables like these and probability dictates that their sonic characteristics won’t shake hands with your system. So you buy new cables.  Maybe they sound good in your system and maybe they don’t.  It’s impossible to predict. What does that inevitably lead to? Frustration. Where should it lead you next?  Directly to EMM Labs. Our business is music


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